Kseniya Rappoport

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Kseniya Rappoport
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Born (1974-03-25) 25 Mairch 1974 (age 48)
Leningrad, USSR (nou Saunt Petersburg, Roushie)

Kseniya Aleksandrovna Rappoport (Roushie: Ксения Александровна Раппопорт; born 25 Mairch 1974 in Leningrad) is a Roushie actress. She graduatit in 2000 frae Saunt Petersburg Academy o Theatrical Airts an wis immediately invitit tae join the Maly Drama Theatre. She played Nina Zarechnaya in The Seagull, Elena in Uncle Vania, an Sofia in La doppia ora.

She haes appeared in such films an TV series as Streets of Broken Streetlights, Baron, Anna Karenina, Nicholas II (Germany), The Russian Bride, National Security Agent, Empire Under Fire, Calendula Flowers, Prokofiev (Germany), Get Thee From Me, Criminal Petersburg, Homicide, an I Pay Up Front. She starred in the Italian film La sconosciuta (2006) an in the Golden Lion nominatit movie La doppia ora (2009), for which she wan Volpi Cup (the Best Actress award) at the 66t Venice Film Festival.[1]

Personal life[eedit | eedit soorce]

Rappoport haes twa dochters, Darya (born in Apryle 1994) an Sophia (born in Januar 2011).

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