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Firthen kirk in Krylos
Firthen kirk in Krylos
Oblast (region)Ivano-Frankivsk
Raion (destrict)Halych
 • Tot1,697

Krylos is a smaw veelage o Halych Raion in the Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast, Ukraine. It is locatit 5 kilometres (3 miles) sooth o modren Halych an is pairt o the Naitional preserve Auncient Halych. The veelage covers a aurie o 19.18 square kilometres (7.41 square miles). The veelage cooncil consists o 16 fowk.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Assumption Kirk in Krylos
Auld Halych fortifications
Museum o medieval Halych
Main airticle: Halych

Krylos is locatit on the steid o the Princely ceety centre o Halych;[1] accordin tae the wabsteid o Verkhovna Rada o Ukraine the dounset wis foondit in 898 AD. The territory o Krylos extendit as far as the Limnytsia River tae the wast an Dniester River tae the north. Immediately tae the wast o the Krylos dounset flows the Lukva River, which in auncient times wis wider an deeper than it is the day. The Lukva River servit as a naitural obstruction tae invaders. On the east side o the Halych citadel flowed a smaw creek that wi its valley providit a addeetional defensive barrier. On tap o the hill whaur the local Assumption Kirk (Ukrainian: Галицький Успенський собор) displayed its statur tae the surroondin landscapes, a series o taw defensive yird rampairts wur biggit that servit as the defence barriers in the past.

Points o interest[eedit | eedit soorce]

Krylos is nou a veelage wi remains an the pairtially reconstructit Assumption Kirk, considered tae be frae medieval times. Next tae this kirk Prince Yaroslav Osmomysl (Osmomysl means ane wha haes aicht thouchts, or aicht weys o thinkin) wis buriet. A chapel haes been constructit on the steid o the oreeginal Assumption Kirk.

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Coordinates: 49°05′18″N 24°41′19″E / 49.0883°N 24.6886°E / 49.0883; 24.6886