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Drawing o the early Kronprinzenpalais.

The Kronprinzenpalais (Croun Princes Pailace) is an umwhile ryal pailace in the ceety o Berlin, in Germany an wis uised bi the heir tae the throne o the Kinrick o Proushie. It wis built in 1663 an renovatit in 1857 according tae plans bi Heinrich Strack in Neoclassical style. Frae 1919 tae 1937 but wis later damaged bi bombing in World War II. it wis home tae the modren airt collection o the National Gallery. The first biggin on the site wis uised as the ceety residence o the future Frederick the Great (while Croun Prince o Proushie) wi his wife Princess Elisabeth Christine o Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel.