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Krinides or Crenides (Greek, Modren/Monotonic: Κρηνίδες, Auncient/Polytonic: Κρηνἱδες) is a toun an an auncient steid that includes the airchaeological steid o Philippi in the Kavala regional unit in eastren Macedonie. Krinides is the seat o the municipality o Filippoi sooth o the Pangaion hills. The muntains dominate maist o the municipality includin the Lekani muntains while the fermlands as well as the Philippi-Drama plain is tae the northwast. Krinides is locatit SE o Serres, E o Thessaloniki, SW o Drama an NW o Kavala.

Auncient Crenides[eedit | eedit soorce]

Crenides wis a colony o the island o Thasos. Crenides wis foondit in 360 BC bi the Athenian politeecian in exile Callistratus in the fuithills sooth o Munt Orbelos (modren Lekani) in eastren Macedonie. The name oreeginates frae the present close tae the sources. The smaw colony wis threatened bi Thracian tribes an probably haed a conflict wi the metropolis. In 356 BC, cried in bi the Keeng Philip II o Macedon with his help. This lastit tae the refoundation o the ceety which wis renamit Philippi efter hissel.

Modren Krinides[eedit | eedit soorce]

Krinides is a modren toun locatit on the Greek Naitional Road 12 atween Drama an Kavala. The name Krinides wis taken tae a sma toun close tae the airchaeological steid o Philippi an the municipality is namit efter the auncient ceety. In 1922, Greek refugees arrivit frae Asia Minor durin the Greco-Turkis War an the stryndants mak up maist o the population.

Historical population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Year Population
1981 2,811
1991 3,005
2001 3,295

Coordinates: 41°0′47″N 24°17′42″E / 41.01306°N 24.29500°E / 41.01306; 24.29500