Krasnoye Selo

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Coordinates: 59°44′N 30°5′E / 59.733°N 30.083°E / 59.733; 30.083

Trinity Kirk in Krasnoye Selo

Krasnoye Selo (Roushie: Кра́сное Село́, lit. bonnie veelage)[1] is a municipal toun in Krasnoselsky Destrict[2] o the federal ceety o St. Petersburg, Roushie. It is locatit sooth-sootheast o the ceety centre. Population: 44,323 (2010 Census);[3] 44,081 (2002 Census).[4]

It wis foondit in the early 18t century, as a suburban veelage sooth o St. Petersburg. In 1764, the veelage haed a paper mill, located near the road leadin tae St. Petersburg. Durin the 19t century, Krasnoye Selo developit as a recreational suburb o the caipital wi numerous simmer dachas an villas, includin the simmer residences o the ryals. In 1884, the famous airplane designer Alexander Mozhaysky testit his early monoplane thare, achievin a pouer-assistit tak aff or 'hop' of 60 tae 100 feet (18 tae 30 m).

In late tsarist times, Krasnoye Selo wis the location o the annual militar manoeuvres presidit ower bi the tsar hissel. It wis in Krasnoye Selo that, on 25 Julie 1914, the cooncil o meenisters wis held at which Nicholas II decidit tae intervene in the Austro-Serbie conflict, therebi bringin aboot the First Warld War.

Krasnoye Selo wis grantit toun status in 1925, an in 1973 it wis transferred unner the jurisdiction o the ceety o Leningrad.

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