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Banner o Koror

Koror is the state comprisin the main commercial centre o the Republic o Palau. It consists o several islands, the maist prominent bein Koror Island (an aa Oreor Island).

The state o Koror (population 14,000 as o 2004) contains aboot 70% o the population o the kintra. The naition's umwhile caipital an lairgest toun, an aa cried Koror, is locatit here. The toun haes a population o 11,200 an is locatit at 7°21′38″N 134°28′45″E / 7.36056°N 134.47917°E / 7.36056; 134.47917.[1] On 7 October 2006, Ngerulmud replaced Koror as Palau's caipital ceety.

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