Korab (moontain)

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Moont Korab
Velky Korab 2011.jpg
Heichest pynt
Elevation2,764 m (9,068 ft) [1]
Prominence2,169 m (7,116 ft) [1]
LeetinKintra heich pynt
Coordinates41°47′28″N 20°32′52″E / 41.79111°N 20.54778°E / 41.79111; 20.54778Coordinates: 41°47′28″N 20°32′52″E / 41.79111°N 20.54778°E / 41.79111; 20.54778[1]
Moont Korab is locatit in Albania
Moont Korab
Moont Korab

Location of Korab
LocationAlbanieNorth Macedonie border
Parent rangeKorab

Moont Korab (Albanie: Maja e Korabit or Mali i Korabit; Macedonie: Голем Кораб, Golem Korab) is the heichest peak o the eponymous moontain range an the fowerth heichest moontain entirely locatit in the Balkan Peninsula, staundin at 2,764 metres (9,068 feet).

The summit o the Korab moontain range in the Albanie-Macedonie border, Korab is the heichest peak o Albanie an the Republic o North Macedonie an awso ane o anelie twa summits in Europe, which are the heichest pynt for mair than ane kintra.[2] The Korab is awso the 18th maist prominent moontain peak in the European continent an the third on the Balkan Peninsula.[3]

Korab is situatit athin the Korab-Koritnik Naitur Pairk.[4][5] It is notit for its rich flora, includin species sic as Bosnian pine, European beech, Coppicing forest, an Alder forest.[6]

The peak lies adjacent tae the Šar Moontains. Moont Korab is awso picturt in the naitional emblem o North Macedonie.

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