Konstantin Rokossovsky

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Konstantin Rokossovsky
Konstanty Rokossowski w polskim mundurze.jpg
Signature of Konstanty Rokossowski.jpg
Rokossovsky as Marshal o Poland
Birth nameKonstanty Ksawerowicz Rokossowski
Born21 December 1896(1896-12-21)
Warsaw, Congress Poland, then pairt o Roushie Empire
Dee'd3 August 1968(1968-08-03) (aged 71)
Moscow, Soviet Union
Buried atKremlin Waw Necropolis
Allegiance Roushie Empire (1914–1917)
 Soviet Union (1917–1949, 1956–1968)
 Poland (1949–1956)
Years o service1914–1937, 1940–1962
RankMarshal o the Soviet Union
Marshal o Poland
Commands held7t Samara Cavalry Division
15t Cavalry Diveesion
5t Cavalry Corps
9t Mechanized Corps
4t Airmy
"Group Yartsevo"
16th Airmy
Bryansk Front
Don Front
Central Front
1st Beloroushie Front
2nt Beloroushie Front
Pols Airmed Forces
Battles/warsWarld War I
Roushie Ceevil War
Russo-Cheenese Eastren Railroad War
Soviet occupation o Bessarabie
Warld War II
AwairdsHero o the Soviet Union — 1944 Hero o the Soviet Union — 1945
Order o Victory
Order o Lenin (7)
Order o the Reid Banner (6)
Order o Suvorov, 1st Cless
Order o Kutuzov, 1st Cless
Virtuti Militari
Cross o Grunwald
Order o the Bath
Légion d'honneur
Cross of St. George 4t cless, Medal o St. George 4t, 3rd an 2nt cless

Konstantin Konstantinovich (Xaverevich) Rokossovsky (Pols: Konstanty Ksawerowicz Rokossowski, Roushie: Константи́н Константи́нович (Ксаве́рьевич) Рокоссо́вский; December 21 [A.S. December 9] 1896 – August 3, 1968) wis a Soviet officer o Pols origin wha acame Marshal o the Soviet Union, Marshal o Poland an served as Poland's Defence Meenister. He wis amang the maist prominent Reid Airmy commanders o Warld War II, especially renawned for his plannin an executin o Operation Bagration, ane o the maist decisive Reid Airmy successes o the Seicont Warld War.