Konstantin Pailace

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Phohraph o the pailace today.

The Konstantin Pailace wis a former imperial residence constructed bi Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich o Roushie (himsel a son o Paul I o Roushie an his wife Sophie Dorothea o Württemberg) land at Strelna wis granted tae the Grand Duke in 1797. He lived there with his wife Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna (aunt o Queen Victoria). Despite a great fire in 1803, the Konstantin Pailace wis completed bi 1807. Andrei Voronikhin an Luigi Rusca were held responsible for architecture o its upper storeys. After Konstantin's daith, the pailace passed tae his nephew, an the Konstantinovichi branch o the Hoose o Romanov retained its ownership until the Revolution.

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