Kocatepe Mosque

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Kocatepe Mosque
Kocatepe Camii ve Külliyesi
View of Kocatepe Camii
Kocatepe Mosque is locatit in Turkey
Kocatepe Mosque
Location in Turkey
Basic information
Location Turkey Ankara, Turkey[1]
Geografic coordinates 39°55′00″N 32°51′39″E / 39.91667°N 32.86083°E / 39.91667; 32.86083Coordinates: 39°55′00″N 32°51′39″E / 39.91667°N 32.86083°E / 39.91667; 32.86083
Affiliation Islam
Kintra Turkey
Admeenistration Turkey govrenment
Leadership Imam(s):
Mehmet Atıcı
Wabsteid www.ankara.bel.tr
Architectural description
Airchitectural teep Mosque
Date established Pre-Islamic era
Capacity 24,000 worshippers
Lenth 67 m
Weenth 64m
Minaret(s) 4
Minaret hicht 88 m (289 ft)

The Kocatepe Mosque or (Kocatepe Masjid) (Turkis: Kocatepe Camii) is the lairgest masjid in Ankara, the caipital of Turkey. It wis built between 1967 and 1987 in the Kocatepe quarter in Kızılay, and its size and prominent situation haeve made it a laundmerk that can be seen from almost anywhere in central Ankara.

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