Knoxville, Tennessee

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Knoxville, Tennessee
Ceety o Knoxville
The Ceety o Knoxville, Tennessee
The Ceety o Knoxville, Tennessee
Offeecial seal o Knoxville, Tennessee
Nickname(s): The Marble Ceety,[1] Hert o the Valley,[2] Queen Ceety o the Moontains,[3] K-Town,[4] Scruffy Ceety,[5] Gateway tae the Great Smoky Moontains.[6]
Location in Knox Coonty an the state o Tennessee.
Location in Knox Coonty an the state o Tennessee.
Kintra Unitit States
State Tennessee
Coonty Knox
Settled 1786
Foondit 1791
Incorporatit 1815
Foondit bi James White
Named for Henry Knox
 • Teep Mayor-Cooncil
 • Mayor Madeline Rogero (D)
 • Ceety Cooncil
 • Ceety 104.2 sq mi (269.8 km2)
 • Laund 98.5 sq mi (255.2 km2)
 • Watter 5.6 sq mi (14.6 km2)  5.4%
Elevation[8] 886 ft (270 m)
Population (2010)[9]
 • Ceety 178,874
 • Estimate (2013)[10] 183,270
 • Rank US: 128t
 • Density 1,816/sq mi (701.0/km2)
 • Urban 558,696 (US: 74t)
 • Metro 852,715 (US: 64t)
 • Combined Stateestical Pop 1,096,961 (US: 50t)
Demonym(s) Knoxvillian
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Zip code 37901-37902, 37909, 37912, 37914-37924, 37927-37934, 37938-37940, 37950, 37995-37998
Aurie code(s) 865
FIPS code[11] 47-40000
GNIS featur ID[12] 1648562

Knoxville is a ceety in the U.S. state o Tennessee, an the coonty seat o Knox Coonty.[13]

Sister ceeties[eedit | eedit soorce]

Knoxville haes seiven sister ceeties as designatit bi Sister Cities International:[14]

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