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Foondit 1900s
Foondin location Korea
Years active 1900s–present
Territory Internaitional
Ethnicity Koreans
Creeminal activities Airms traffickin, Human traffickin,
Coonterfeitin, Drug traffickin,
assault, Extortion,
Fraud, identity document forgery,
Illegal immigration, Larceny,
Murther, Prostitution,
Racketeerin, money launderin
Allies Roushie mafia, Yakuza, Sootheast Asie pirates, Erse Mob
Rivals Various Asie street gangs internaitionally

A Kkangpae (깡패; sometimes spelt Ggangpae, Gangpae, or Gangpeh) is the name o either literally the mafia o Sooth Korea or a street gang. Kkangpae literally translates tae "Thug" in Korean. The Korean Mafia is referred tae in Korean as Gundal (건달) an or Jopok (조폭 (組暴); refers tae organizit creeminals/mafia. Korean mobs primarily function in Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Tokyo, New York Ceety, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Dallas, an Soothren Florida.

They are infamous for their proficient fechtin skills, ruthless extortion an loan shairkin tactics. Increasingly in the 2000s, the Sooth Korean film industry haes popularizit the kkangpae/jopok cultur.

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