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The Kirk Faithers is a name gien tae the early an influential theologians an scrievers o the Christian Kirk. The terms Early Faithers an Faithers o the Kirk is uised forby. For ordinar the term disna refer tae the saunts or the New Testament scrievers - tho the scrievins o some o the Kirk Faithers wis hauden tae be haly bi some early Christians.

Maist o the Kirk Faithers scrieved in the Laitin or the Greek, an sae is kent as the Laitin Faithers an the Greek Faithers respective. The Laitin scrievers includes Tertullain, Gregory the Great, St. Augustine an St. Jerome (kenspeckle for pittin The Bible ower intae the Laitin in the wark kent as The Vulgate). Kenspeckle Greek Faithers includes Irenaeus (wha's wark, ironically, anerly survives in a Laitin translate), Celment o Alexandria an Origen.

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