Kinrick o Navarre

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Kinrick o Navarre
Nafarroako Erresuma (in Basque)
Reino de Navarra (in Spaingie)
Royaume de Navarre (in French)
Regnum Navarrae (in Laitin)


Banner Coat o airms
Kinrick o Navarre in 1400 (dark green).
Caipital Pamplona
Leids Basque(spoken)[1]
Releegion Roman Catholic
Reformed (1560-1594)
Government Feudal monarchy
 -  824–852 Íñigo Arista (first)
 -  1610–1620 Louis II (last)
Historical era Middle Ages
 -  Rebelled against the Frankish Empire 824
 -  Name chynges frae Pamplona tae Navarre 1004
 -  Annexed tae Castile 1512
 -  Charles I o Spain abandons the northren part 1528
 -  Personal union wi Fraunce unner Henry III/IV 1589
 -  Northren pairt merged intae the Kinrick o Fraunce 1620
The day pairt o  Spain


The Kinrick o Navarre (/nəˈvɑːr/; Basque: Nafarroako Erresuma, Spaingie: Reino de Navarra, French: Royaume de Navarre, Laitin: Regnum Navarrae), oreeginally the Kinrick o Pamplona, wis a Basque-based kinrick[3] that occupied launds on either side o the wastren Pyrenees, alangside the Atlantic Ocean atween present-day Spain an Fraunce.

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