Kim Chong-t'ae Electric Locomotive Works

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Kim Chong-t'ae
Electric Locomotive Works
Native name
김종태 전기기관차 련합기업소
Kim Chong-t'ae Chŏn'gi Kigwanch'a Ryŏnhap Kiŏpso
State-owned company
Industrie Railwey
Foondit 10 November 1945
Heidquarters Sŏsŏng-guyŏk, P'yŏngyang, North Korea
Aurie served
North Korea
Products Electric and Diesel locomotives, subway trains and trams.

The Kim Chong-t'ae Electric Locomotive Works in P'yŏngyang is North Korea's lairgest manufacturer o railwey equipment.[1] Established in November 1945 in Sŏsŏng-guyŏk,[2] P'yŏngyang near the P'yŏngyang Railway Varsity an the Korean State Railway's West P'yŏngyang Station, the factory manufactures an overhauls electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, passenger cars, tramcaurs an subway trainsets. It is subordinate tae the DPRK Ministry o Railways.[3]

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