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God o creation an the waters
the Egyptian god Khnum wis uisually depictit wi the heid o a ram.
Name in hieroglyphs
Major cult centrerElephantine
Symbolthe potter's wheel
Personal Information
ConsortSatet, Heket, Menhit, an Nebtu
Affspringsometimes Serket or Ra

Khnum (/kəˈnm/; an aa spelled Khnemu) wis ane o the earliest Egyptian deities, oreeginally the god o the soorce o the Nile River. Syne the annual fluidin o the Nile broucht wi it silt an clay, an its watter broucht life tae its surroondins, he wis thoucht tae be the creator o the bodies o human childer, which he made at a potter's wheel, frae clay, an placed in thair mithers' wombs. He later wis describit as havin moulded the ither deities, an he haed the titles Divine Potter an Lord o creatit things frae himself.