Khan Shaykhun chemical attack

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2017 Khan Shaykhun chemical attack
Pairt o the Sirian Ceevil War
Khan Shaykhun is locatit in Syria
Khan Shaykhun
Khan Shaykhun
Location o Khan Shaykhun within Sirie
Teep Airstrike, chemical attack (unidentified chemical)
Location Khan Shaykhun, Idlib Govrenorate, jynt Tahrir al-Sham[1][2] an Ahrar al-Sham-controlled territories, Sirie[3]
35°26′20″N 36°39′4″E / 35.43889°N 36.65111°E / 35.43889; 36.65111
Date 4 Apryle 2017 (2017-04-04)
06:30 EEST[4] (UTC+03:00)
Casualties 74–100+[5] killed
300–557+[5][6] injured

On 4 Aprile 2017, the Tahrir al-Sham-controlled toun o Khan Shaykhun,[7][8][9][10] in the Idlib Govrenorate o Sirie, wis struck bi a hivy airstrike follaed bi a massive ceevilian chemical intoxication.[6] The release o the toxic gas, likely sarin, killed at least 74 fowk an injured mair nor 557, accordin tae the Idlib heal authority.[5]

If confirmed, the attack would acome the deidliest uise o chemical wappens in the Sirian Ceevil War syne the Ghouta chemical attack in 2013.[11] The Preses o the Unitit States, Donald Trump, as well as the UK Foreign Secretar, Boris Johnson, placed the blame for the attack on the forces o Sirian Preses Bashar Assad an his Roushie allies[12][13] while the Roushie an Sirian govrenments claimed that it wis caused bi the destruction o a nearbi rebel-operatit chemical wappens warehoose.

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