Kerguelen Islands

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Kerguelen Islands

Îles Kerguelen
Banner o Kerguelen Islands
Location o the Kerguelen Islands in the Soothren Ocean
Location o the Kerguelen Islands in the Soothren Ocean
Cairt o the Kerguelen Islands
Cairt o the Kerguelen Islands
49°21′S 70°13′E / 49.350°S 70.217°E / -49.350; 70.217
Offeecial leidsFrench
GovrenmentDestrict o the French Soothren an Antarctic Launds
• Preses
François Hollande
• Admeenistrator
Pascal Bolot[1]
• Heid o Destrict
French owerseas territory
• Discovery
Februar 1772
• Total
7,215 km2 (2,786 sq mi)
• Estimate
aroond 45 (winter)
aroond 110 (simmer)
CurrencyEuro (EUR)
Time zoneUTC4
Cawin code+262

The Kerguelen Islands (in French commonly Îles Kerguelen or Archipel de Kerguelen but offeecially Archipel des Kerguelen or Archipel Kerguelen, pronounced [kɛʁɡeˈlɛn]), forby kent as the Desolation Islands, are a group o islands in the soothren Indian Ocean constitutin ane o the twa emerged pairts o the maistly submerged Kerguelen Plateau.

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Coordinates: 49°15′S 69°10′E / 49.250°S 69.167°E / -49.250; 69.167