Kerberos (muin)

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Pluto P4.jpg
Hubble Space Telescope discovery images o Kerberos.
Discovered biShowalter, M. R. et al.
Discovery dateJune 28, 2011
(verified Julie 20, 2011)
Named after
S/2011 P 1, P4
Orbital chairactereestics
Mean orbit radius
(59 ± 2)×103 km
Eccentricity≈ 0
32.1 ± 0.3 days
Inclination≈ 0
Satellite oPluto
Pheesical chairacteristics
26.1 ± 0.3

Kerberos is a smaa natural satellite o Pluto whose existence wis annoonced on Julie 20, 2011.[1] Its discovery, follaein the discoveries o Charon in 1978 an Nix an Hydra in 2005, made it Pluto's fowert kent muin.

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