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Katra Solopuro
Birth nameKatra Aniina Solopuro
Forby kent asKatra
Born (1984-08-10) 10 August 1984 (age 39)
Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland
GenresHivy metal, symphonic metal
gothic metal
ThriftMuisicker, sangwriter
Instrumentsvocals, piano, keybuird
Years active2005-present
LabelsEdel Music (2005-07)
Napalm Records (2008-)
Associate actsLovex
MembersKatra Solopuro
Kristian Kangasniemi
Johannes Tolonen
Teemu Mätäsjärvi
Matti Auerkallio
Past membersJani Wilund
Tom Gardiner
Jaakko Järvensivu

Katra Anniina Solopuro (born 10 August 1984) is a Finnish sangster an muisicker. Her sangs hae a hivier style o rock, she is backed bi a classical eddication an her singin style is influenced bi opera.

Katra is a native o Tampere. She played the piano in her bairnheid at the Pirkanmaa Muisic Institute. Bi age 14, she switched frae piano tae singin. Efter heich schuil, Katra graduated frae Heich School o Performin. At the same time Katra studied classical muisic. She sang backgrund vocals for Lovex an played keybuirds. Katra is currently studyin at Pirkanmaa Polytechnic theatre muisic an drama, majorin in vocal muisic. She haes a backgrund in dance an gymnastics an aa. She haes a dochter, Illusia, wi Lovex guitarist Risto Katajisto (i.e Vivian Sin'Amor). Housomeivver, the couple separatit an Katra is currently marriet tae Niko Virtanen who pairticipatit in the Eurovision Sang Contest 2009 in Moscow, in duet wi Kasmir Jolma.

Formation o Katra (2005-2007)

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Katra began in the Hairst o 2005. The first single, Sahara wis released on 6 Januar 2006. Several months later, thair sel-titled debut album wis released on 27 Februar 2007. The "Sahara" single received lots o radio play an while on tour, the baund stairtit writin new material. Katra released a single that includit the sangs "Tietäjä" an "Vaaratar" an aa.

Katra an Beast Within (2007-2009)

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Katra pairticipatit in the Euroviisut contest in 2007 wi the sangs, "Wise" an "Vaaratar", that she reached the first roond. This copy wis an uproar, as it wis accuised o plagarism pairtial Within Temptation sang "Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)" frae the album The Silent Force. The YLE expert set aside the allegations. Katra said that she an her baund are primarily responsible for the sangs an aw.

In November o that year it wis annooncit that Napalm Records signed Katra an asked for an internaitional version o thair 2007 album Katra. The baund recordit the 2007 album Katra in Inglis, alang wi twa new sangs an namit the Inglis leid release Beast Within. The album wis producit bi Risto Asikainen (Stratovarius) at Jean Records Studio. Beast Within wis published in late August/early September 2008. The baund played a couple o gigs in Germany, includin Summer Breeze Open Air 2009 an receivit a guid response. Katra released a video for the title track "Beast Within" an aw. On 19 Juin 2010 Katra opened for Theatre of Tragedy at Circo Volador in Mexico, a career heichlicht for aw o the members.

Out of the Ashes (2009-)

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On 15 September 2010, Katra released thair first single, One Wish Away, frae thair third full-lenth album, Out of the Ashes. This album wis released on 27 October. Awtho it is thair third album, Katra considers it thair first ane as a baund. It is considered bi creetics as a daurker, mair melancholic an mair determined than the previous album.[1]

Press an honors

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Katra hae been featurt in Germany's Orkus magazine[1][2], whaur thay wan "Best International Newcomer" in the 2009 fan poll, an Cheenae's X Muisic magazine. Katra haes been nominatit in the "Best Atmospheric/Symphonic Metal" category for the album Beast Within on the Estonie wabzine Metal Storm an aa.


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  • Katra Solopuro - vocals (2006-)
  • Kristian Kangasniemi - guitar (2006-)
  • Teemu Mätäsjärvi - guitar (2009-)
  • Johannes Tolonen - bass (2006-)
  • Auerkallio Matt - drums (2009-)


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  • Jani Wilund - keybuird (2006)
  • Tom Gardiner - guitar (2006)
  • Jaakko Järvensivu (James Lakeside) - drums (2006-2009)


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Studio albums
  • Sahara (2006)
  • Sage / Vaaratar (2007)
  • Ane Wish Away (9 September 2010)
Muisic videos
  • Beast Within (2008)
  • Ane Wish Away (2010)
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