Katie McMahon

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Katie McMahon
BornDublin, Ireland
Associate actsRiverdance, Anúna
WabsteidKatie McMahon.com

Katie McMahon is an Erse sangster. She wis a soloist wi the oreeginal Riverdance troupe. Her recordins hae lairgely featured tradeetional Erse sangs, occasionally in the Erse leid.

McMahon is frae Dublin. She wis classically trained in voice an harp. She studiet Italian an Drama Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. Durin a break frae her studies, Katie joined the vocal group Anúna in 1991, an remained wi the choir till 1996. She wis a soloist on Anúna's first three CDs "ANÚNA" (1993), "Invocation" (1994) an "Omnis" (1995).

She is best kent as the oreeginal lead soprano soloist wi Anúna in the piece "Cloudsong". This is the openin section o Riverdance, first performit as pairt in the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Subsequently she went on tae pairticipate wi Anúna in the affshuit stage performance "Riverdance the Show" till 1996, when she left the choir, remainin wi the show till the late 1990s.

Her debut album, After the Morning, wis released in North Americae. Syne then she haes released three mair, Shine, Celtic Christmas, an St. Patrick's Day.

She is marriet tae Ben Craig wi whom she haes twa childer. She currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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