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Kate del Castillo

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Kate del Castillo
BornKate del Castillo Negrete Trillo
(1972-10-23) 23 October 1972 (age 51)
Mexico Ceety, Mexico
Years active1980–present
Hauf-marrae(s)Luis García (2001–2004)
Aarón Díaz (2009–2011)

Kate del Castillo (born 23 October 1972) is a Mexican actress.

Life an career

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Del Castillo is the dochter of Kate Trillo an Eric del Castillo, a legend o the Mexican cinema's gowden era an a umwhile soap opera actor hissel. Del Castillo haes twa ither siblins; a sister Verónica, an a hauf-brither Ponciano, frae her faither's side.

She made her actin debut in 1980 when she teuk pairt in a film cried The Last Escape. She became weel kent in 1991 when she starred as Leticia in Muchachitas, a telenovela that wis vera popular aw ower Laitin Americae. Muchachitas reached the tap audience spots in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Peru, an amang Hispanic audiences in the Unitit States. She pairticipatit in ither vera successfu telenovelas as a leadin actress.

In 2002 an 2003, she embarkit on an internaitional tour alangside Argentine actor Saul Lisazo, anither well-kent figur in Mexico, wi thair play Cartas de Amor (Love Letters).

In 2009, del Castillo wis appointit Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Richts an the follaein year she helpit launch the Blue Heart Campaign in order tae raise awareness an fecht human trokin.[1]

In November 2007, she wis namit ane o the "Starns o the Year" an in 2011 ane o the "25 maist influential weemen" an "50 maist bonnie" bi People en Español magazine.[2][3]

Recently starred in the heichlie successfu series La Reina del Sur for Telemundo netwirk.

Personal life

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On 3 Februar 2001, she marriet fitbaa player Luis García. The marriage wis dissolvit on 1 September 2004. Del Castillo lives in Los Angeles. On 22 August 2005, it wis reportit bi the LAPD that del Castillo's new hoose, in Los Angeles, haed been broken intae bi thieves, who teuk some jewelry frae the actress. del Castillo wis in Los Angeles filmin Bordertown, a film aboot the daiths in Ciudad Juárez, alangside Jennifer Lopez, when the robbery occurred. In August 2009, del Castillo marriet Aarón Díaz in a Las Vegas ceremony. On 26 Julie 2011, it wis annooncit that Kate an Díaz wur separatin.

On 9 Januar 2012 Del Castillo postit controversial support for drog troker Chapo Guzman on her Twextra page, statin "Today I believe more in the Chapo Guzmán [than in] government that hides painful truths from me, who hide the cure for cancer, AIDS, etc.. for their own benefit and wealth."[4][5][6][7] Later in the year, she posed in a PETA ad campaign, encouragin pet awners tae "fiercely protect" thair dogs an cats bi keepin them indoors.[8]

In an interview wi the Cristina Show, Kate mentioned that her favorite baund is the Inglis baund, Duran Duran.

She wis a guid friend wi Emma Laura.[9]


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Year Title Role Notes
1978 Los de abajo N/A
1983 Las sobrinas del diablo N/A
1990 El último escape Bárbara
1991 Ambición sangrienta N/A
1991 Violencia en altamar N/A video
1993 Sendero mortal N/A video
1994 Amor que mata N/A
1997 Educación sexual en breves lecciones Ana
1997 Reclusorio Estrella Uribe Segment "Sangre entre Mujeres"
1999 Sendero mortal II N/A
2004 Avisos de ocasión Amanda
2004 La Riviera Maya Kate TV movie, an aa executive producer
2005 American Visa Blanca Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva Award for Best Actress
Nominated - Ariel Award for Best Actress
2006 Bordertown Elena Diaz
2006 Lime Salted Love Isabella Triebel
2007 Trade (film) Laura National Hispanic Media - "Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture" award
2007 The Black Pimpernel Consuelo Fuentes
2007 Under the Same Moon Rosario National Hispanic Media - "Outstanding Performance in a Motion Picture" award
Imagen Foundation Award for Best Actress[10]
Nominated - Diosa de Plata for Best Actress
2008 Julia (2008 film) Elena
2008 Bad Guys Zena
2009 Down For Life (film) Esther
2010 The Miracle of Spaingie Harlem Eva Post-production
2011 Without Men Cleotilde
2011 K-11 Mousey Post-production
2011 Redemption Jada Post-production
Year Title Role Notes
1991 Muchachitas Leticia Nominated - TVyNovelas Award for Best Female Revelation
1992 Mágica juventud Fernanda
1994 Imperio de Cristal Narda Lombardo TVyNovelas Award for Best Young Lead Actress
1995 Mujer, casos de la vida real N/A episode: "Aunque parezca mentira"
1996 Azul Alejandra
1997 Alguna vez Tendremos Alas Ana Hernández Nominated - TVyNovelas Award for Best Young Lead Actress
1998 La Mentira Verónica Fernández Negrete Nominated - TVyNovelas Award for Best Young Lead Actress
2000 Ramona Ramona Moreno
2001 El Derecho de Nacer María Elena del Junco
2002 American family Ofelia
2003 Bajo la Misma Piel Miranda Murillo Ortiz
2009 The Cleaner Josefina
2009 Weeds Pilar Zuazo 6 episodes
2009 El Pantera Coco saison 3: "Viene Coco" (episode 5) an "Cosecha de amapolas" (episode 6)
2011 La Reina del Sur Teresa Mendoza "Diosa de Plata Dolores del Río" award[11]
People en Español Award for Best Actress[12]
2011 CSI: Miami Anita Torres episode: "Killer Regrets"
2012 Grimm Detective Valentina Espinosa episode: "La Llorona"
Year Title Role Notes
2009 Vidas Cruzadas Mariana Internet novela for Univision, an aa co-producer[13]


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