Kaspars Petrovs

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Kaspars Petrovs
Born1978 (age 41–42)
Grobiņa, Latvie
Criminal penalty
Conviction(s)Mey 12, 2005
Victims13, possibly 38
Span o killins
Date apprehendit
Februar 2003

Kaspars Petrovs (born 1978) is a Latvie serial killer. He wis convictit o the murther o thirteen elderly weemen bi the Riga Regional Court on 12 Mey 2005 an sentencit tae life in preeson.

Petrovs, the son o a prominent medical doctor, haed been hameless for several years. Initially held in connection wi the murthers o five weemen in Februar 2003, he later confessed tae killin mair nor thirty weemen. He wis initially chairgit wi 38 murthers, 8 attemptit murthers, an a nummer o theft an robberies, maistly involvin elderly female residents o Riga, Latvie atween 2000 an 2003. Housomeivver, authorities anerlie pursued chairges in the daiths o 13 o the victims due tae a lack o forensic evidence in the ither cases.

Petrovs, who haed a previous conviction for theft in 1998, maintained efter his reest an durin his 2005 trial that he haed no "intendit tae kill his victims, but anerlie tae rob them."[1] Petrovs strangled the weemen efter follaein them hame an forcibly enterin thair apairtments or posin as a Latvijas gāze (state gas company) employee. Petrovs stole an estimatit 18,000 lats (26,000 euros) in guids an money frae his victims.[1]

Efter his conviction, Petrovs apologisit tae his victims' faimilies in court an asked for thair forgiveness. "A canna return the victims tae life bi wirds, but A wish they wur still alive, that naething haed happened..." [2]

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