Karoline o Baden

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Karoline o Baden
Königin Karoline von Bayern.jpg
Electress consort o Bavarie
Tenure16 Februar 1799 – 1 Januar 1806
PredecessorMaria Leopoldine o Austrick-Este
SuccessorHerself as Queen consort o Bavarie
Queen consort o Bavarie
Ring1 Januar 1806 – 13 October 1825
PredecessorHerself as Electress consort
SuccessorTherese o Saxe-Hildburghausen
Born13 Julie 1776(1776-07-13)
Karlsruhe Pailace, Karlsruhe, Baden
Dee'd13 November 1841(1841-11-13) (aged 65)
Munich, Bavarie
BuirialTheatine Kirk
SpouseMaximilian I Joseph o Bavarie (m. 1797; d. 1825)
IssueElisabeth Ludovika, Queen o Proushie
Amalie Auguste, Queen o Saxony
Maria Anna, Queen o Saxony
Sophia, Airchduchess o Austrick
Ludovika, Duchess in Bavarie
Princess Maximiliana
Full name
Friederike Karoline Wilhelmine
FaitherKarl Ludwig, Hereditary Prince o Baden
MitherAmalie o Hesse-Darmstadt
Coat of Arms of Caroline of Baden, Queen of Bavaria.svg

Princess Karoline o Baden (Friederike Karoline Wilhelmine; 13 Julie 1776 – 13 November 1841) wis Electress o Bavarie an later the first Queen consort o Bavarie bi mairiage tae Maximilian I Joseph o Bavarie. She wis also sister o Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna o Roushie (Princess Luise o Baden). She wis also the twin sister o Princess Amalie Christiane.

Mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Princess Karoline o Baden wis considered as a bride for the Louis Antoine de Bourbon, Duke o Enghien, but the fear o attracting opposition from Fraunce made her faimily hesitate.

Marriage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 9 Mairch 1797, in Karlsruhe, she became the second spouse o Maximilian, Duke o Palatinate-Zweibrücken, who twa years later would inherit the Electorate o Bavarie. As a result o the dissolution o the Haly Roman Empire in 1806, the rank o Elector became obsolete, an the ruler o Bavarie wis promoted tae the rank o Keeng. As a result, Caroline became Queen o Bavaria. With her husband karoline haed seven bairn, including twa pairs o twins.

Issue[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Stillborn son (5 September 1799)
  2. Prince Maximilian Joseph Karl Friedrich o Bavarie (28 October 1800 – 12 Februar 1803), died in infancy.
  3. Princess Elisabeth Ludovika (13 November 1801 – 14 December 1873) twin sister o Amalie Auguste. Mairit Frederick William IV o Proushie.
  4. Princess Amalie Auguste o Bavarie (13 November 1801 – 8 November 1877) twin sister o Elisabeth Ludovika. Mairit John I o Saxony.
  5. Princess Sophie o Bavarie (27 Januar 1805 – 1872) twin sister o Maria Anna. Mairit Airchduke Franz Karl o Austrick, mither o Franz Joseph I an Maximilian I o Mexico.
  6. Princess Maria Anna o Bavarie (27 Januar 1805 – 13 September 1877) twin sister o Sophie. Mairit Frederick Augustus II o Saxony.
  7. Princess Ludovika o Bavarie (30 August 1808 – 25 Januar 1892), mairit Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavarie.
  8. Princess Maximiliane o Bavarie (21 Julie 1810 – 4 Februar 1821), died in childhood.

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