Karoline Auguste o Bavarie

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Karoline Auguste o Bavarie
Empress o Austrick
Charlotte Auguste von Bayern.jpg
Empress Karoline Auguste.
Tenur29 October 1816 – 2 Mairch 1835
Born8 Februar 1792(1792-02-08)
Mannheim, Electoral Palatinate
Dee'd9 Februar 1873(1873-02-09) (aged 81)
Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
SpouseWilhelm, Croun Prince o Württemberg
Francis I o Austrick
FaitherMaximilian I Joseph o Bavarie
MitherAuguste Wilhelmine o Hesse-Darmstadt
ReleegionRoman Catholicism
Coat of Arms of Empress Caroline Augusta (Order of Maria Luisa).svg

Karoline Auguste o Bavarie(8 Februar 1792 – 9 Februar 1873) was an Empress consort of Austrick bi mairiage tae Francis I o Austrick. A dochter o King Maximilian I Joseph o Bavarie an Princess Augusta Wilhelmine o Hesse-Darmstadt. She mairit Croun Prince Wilhelm o Württemberg, whom she divorced, an later mairit Emperor Francis I o Austrick.

First mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 8 Juin 1808, at Munich, Karoline Auguste mairit Croun Prince Wilhelm o Württemberg (1781–1864) becoming Croun Princess o Württemberg. They haed nae issue an divorced on 31 August 1814.

Secoint mairiage[eedit | eedit soorce]

On 29 October 1816, Karoline Auguste mairit Francis II, Emperor o Austrick, Keeng o Hungary an o Bohemie. She became the fourth wife o the emperor, who wis 24 years aulder than her an haed faithered thirteen childer bi twa previous wives. Prior tae this mairiage, Caroline Augusta haed always been cried Charlotte, but now she began tae uis the name Caroline (Karoline)

Teetles an styles[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • 8 Februar 1792 – 26 December 1805 Her Serene Highness Duchess Karoline Auguste o Bavarie.
  • 26 December 1805 – 8 Juin 1808 Her Ryal Highness Princess Karoline Auguste o Bavarie.
  • 8 Juin 1808 – 31 August 1814 Her Ryal Highness The Croun Princess o Württemberg.
  • 31 August 1814 – 29 October 1816 Her Ryal Highness Princess Karoline Auguste o Bavarie.
  • 29 October 1816 – 2 Mairch 1835 Her Imperial an Ryal Apostolic Majesty The Empress o Austrick, Queen o Hungary an Bohemie.
  • 2 Mairch 1835 – 9 Februar 1873 Her Imperial an Ryal Apostolic Majesty The Empress Dowager o Austrick, Queen Dowager o Hungary an Bohemie.

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