Karl Landsteiner

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Karl Landsteiner
Born14 Juin 1868(1868-06-14)
Baden bei Wien, near Vienna, Austrick-Hungary
Died26 Juin 1943(1943-06-26) (aged 75)
New York Ceety
ResidenceUnitit States
NaitionalityUnitit States
Alma materVarsity o Vienna
Kent forDevelopment o bluid group seestem, discovery o Rh factor, discovery o poliovirus
AwairdsNobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1930)
Scientific career
FieldsMedicine, virology
InstitutionsVarsity o Vienna Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, New York

Karl Landsteiner, ForMemRS[2] (Juin 14, 1868 – Juin 26, 1943), wis an Austrick biologist an physeecian.[3]

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