Karl Barth

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Karl Barth
Karl Barth Briefmarke.jpg
Born10 Mey 1886(1886-05-10)
Basel, Swisserland
Died10 December 1968(1968-12-10) (aged 82)
Basel, Swisserland
ThriftTheologian, Professor
Notable wirk(s)The Epistle tae the Romans
Barmen Declaration
Kirk Dogmatics
Hauf-marrae(s)Nelly Hoffmann (m. 1913)
ChilderFranziska, Markus, Christoph, Matthias an Hans Jakob
Theological work
Tradeetion or movementSwiss Reformed

Karl Barth (German: [baɐ̯t]; 10 Mey 1886(1886-05-10)(1968-12-10)10 December 1968) wis a Swiss Reformed theologian that is maist weel kent for his laundmerk The Epistle tae the Romans, involvement in the Confessin Kirk, authorship o the Barmen Declaration,[1][2] an especially his five vollum theological summa the Kirk Dogmatics[3] (published in twal pairt-vollums atween 1932-1967).[4][5]

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