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For the place in Armenie, see Kard, Armenie. For the places in Iran, see Kard-e Bala an Kard-e Pain.
Ottoman kard dagger, 18t tae 19t century.

A kard is a teep o Islamic knife foond in Turkey, Armenie, Iran, an aw the wey tae Indie. Maistly uised in the 18t century an afore, it haes a straicht single edgit blade an is uisually nae langer than 41 centimetres (16 in) in lenth. It haes nae gaird, an uisually the haundle wis bane, ivory, or horn. It wis maistly a stabbin wappen, an commonly the pynt wad be reinforcit tae penetrate chain mail. A major characteristic o a kard is that the hilt is anerly partially covered bi the sheath.