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Хальмгуд Khalm'gud
Tot population
Regions wi signeeficant populations
 Kalmykie (Roushie)
 Roushie 183,372[1][2]
 Ukraine 325[3]
 Kyrgyzstan 12,000[4]
Kalmyk Oirat, Roushie

Predominantly Tibetan Buddhism
Minority Orthodox Christianity in Roushie[5]

Majority Sunni Islam in Kyrgyzstan
Relatit ethnic groups
Mongols, especially Oirats

The Kalmyks (Kalmyk: Хальмгуд, Khal’mgud, Mongolian: Халимаг, Khalimag) are the Oirats in Roushie, whase auncestors migratit frae Dzungaria in 1607. They creautit the Kalmyk Khanate in 1630–1724 in Roushie's North Caucasus territory. The day thay form a majority in the autonomous republic o Kalmykie on the wastren shore o the Caspian Sea.

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