Kai Siegbahn

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Kai Siegbahn
Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn.jpg
Siegbahn in 1981
Born 20 Apryle 1918(1918-04-20)
Lund, Swaden
Died 20 Julie 2007(2007-07-20) (aged 89)
Ängelholm, Swaden
Naitionality Swaden
Alma mater Varsity o Stockholm
Kent for high-resolution electron spectroscopy
Awairds Nobel Prize in Physics (1981)
Scientific career
Fields Pheesics
Institutions Varsity o Stockholm
Varsity o Uppsala

Kai Manne Börje Siegbahn (20 Aprile 1918 – 20 Julie 2007) wis a Swadish pheesicist.[1]

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