Kabyle leid

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Aboot this soondTaqbaylit 
Native taeAlgerie; immigrant communities
in Fraunce, Belgium,
Canadae an elsewhaur
RegionKabylie (Provinces
o Algiers, Béjaïa, BBA,
Bouira, Boumerdes,
Sétif, Tizi Ouzou,
an pairts o Jijel)
EthnicityKabyle fowk
Native speakers
5 million in Algerie (2012)[1]
Hauf a million elsewhaur
Berber Laitin alphabet
Leid codes
ISO 639-2kab
ISO 639-3kab
Aires linguistiques du nord-est algérien.svg
Kabyle-speakin auries
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Kabyle /kəˈbl/ or Kabylian /kəˈbliən/ (native names: Taqbaylit, [ˈθɐqβæjlɪθ] ( listen), Tamaziɣt Taqbaylit, or Tazwawt) is a variety o the Berber leid spoken bi the Kabyle fowk in the north an northeast o Algerie. It is spoken primarily in Kabylie, east o Algiers, an in the caipital Algiers, but an aa bi various groups near Blida, such as the Beni Salah an Beni Bou Yaqob(extinct?). Estimates aboot the nummer o speakers range frae 5 million tae aboot 7 million speakers (INALCO) warldwide, the majority in Algerie.

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