K League

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K League
KintraSooth Korea Sooth Korea
DiveesionsK League Classic
K League Challenge
Nummer o teams22
Domestic cup(s)FA Cup
Internaitional cup(s)AFC Champions League
Current championsPohang Steelers (Classic)
Sangju Sangmu (Challenge)
Maist championshipsSeongnam Ilhwa Chunma (7)
WabsteidOffeecial Wabsteid

The K League (Korea Profeesional Fitbaa League) is Sooth Korea's profeesional association fitbaa league includin first diveesion K League Classic an seicont diveesion K League Challenge.[1][2] The fact that baith the first an seicont diveesions hae vera seemilar names haes caused some degree o confusion an controversy[3]

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