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Esa-hubble-k2-18a impression.jpg
Airtist's impression o K2-18b (richt) orbitin reid droich K2-18 (left). The unconfirmed exoplanet candidate K2-18c is shawn atween them.
Discovery steidKepler Space Observatory
Discovery date2015
Orbital chairactereestics[2]

21,380,000 km
Pheesical chairacteristics
Mean radius
2.71±0.07 R[3]
Mass8.63±1.35 M[3]
Mean density
2.38 g/cm3
1.18 g
Temperatur265 ± 5 K (−8 ± 5 °C)[3]

K2-18b, also known as EPIC 201912552 b, is an exoplanet orbitin the reid droich starn K2-18, locatit 124 light-year (38 pc) away from Earth.[3] The planet, initially discovered through the Kepler Space Observatory, is aboot aicht times the mass o Yird, sicweys is clessifee'd as a super Yird.

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Coordinates: Sky map 11h 30m 14.518s, +07° 35′ 18.257″