Justinian II

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Justinian II
Ιουστινιανός Β'
Emperor o the Byzantine Empire
Solidus-Justinian II-Christ b-sb1413.jpg
Justinian, on the reverse o this coin struck during his seicont reign, is hauldin a patriarchal globe wi PAX, "peace"
1st reign
2nt reign
705 – December 711
Predecessor Constantine IV
Tiberius III
Successor Leontios
Born c.668
Dee'd 11 December, 711 (aged 42)
Damatrys, Opsikion
Spouse Eudokia
Theodora of Khazaria
Issue Anastasia
Full name
Dynasty Heraclian
Faither Constantine IV
Mither Anastasia

Justinian II (Greek: Ἰουστινιανός Β΄, Ioustinianos II, Laitin: Iustinianus II) (669 – 11 December 711), surnamed the Rhinotmetos or Rhinotmetus (ὁ Ῥινότμητος, "the slit-nosed"), wis the last Byzantine Emperor o the Heraclian Dynasty, reignin frae 685 tae 695 an again frae 705 tae 711.