Jura Moontains

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Jura Moontains
Jura Mountains.jpg
Leukin taewarts Lélex frae near the Crêt de la Neige
Heichest pynt
PeakCrêt de la Neige
Elevation1,720 m (5,640 ft)
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KintrasFraunce and Swisserland
Mairches onthe Alps

The Jura Moontains (French pronunciation: ​[ʒyʁa]; German pronunciation: [ˈjuːʁa]) (German: Juragebirge, French: Massif du Jura, Italian: Massiccio del Giura) are a sub-alpine moontain range locatit north o the Wastren Alps, mainly follaein the coorse o the Fraunce–Swisserland border. The Jura separates the Rhine an Rhône basins, formin pairt o the watershed o each.

Coordinates: 47°14′35″N 6°01′19″E / 47.2431°N 6.0219°E / 47.2431; 6.0219