Julio Iglesias, Sr.

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Julio Iglesias, Sr.
BornJulio Iglesias Puga
25 Julie 1915(1915-07-25)
Ourense, Spain
Died19 December 2005(2005-12-19) (aged 90)
Madrid, Spain
Hauf-marrae(s)Maria del Rosario de la Cueva y Perignat (m. 1943; divorcit 1983)
Ronna Keit (m. 2001; his daith 2005)
ChilderJulio (b. 1943)
Carlos (b. 1945)
Jaime (b. 2004)
Ruth (b. 2006)
RelativesChabeli Iglesias (granddochter)
Julio Iglesias, Jr. (grandson)
Enrique Iglesias (grandson)
Miguel Alejandro Iglesias (grandson)
Rodrigo Iglesias (grandson)
Cristina Iglesias (granddochter)
Victoria Iglesias (granddochter)
Guillermo Iglesias (grandson)

Julio Iglesias Puga (25 Julie 1915 – 19 Dizember 2005) wis a Spainyie gynecologist. He wis the faither o sangster Julio Iglesias[1] an grandfaither tae the sangsters Enrique Iglesias an Julio Iglesias, Jr. an socialite Chabeli Iglesias. He became ane o the youngest gynecologists o Spain. He wis elk-namit Papuchi, "Daddy".[2]

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