Juistice an Development Pairty (Morocco)

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Jusitice an Development Pairty
حزب العدالة والتنمية
aKabar en tNezzarfut ed tNeflit (KNN)
Parti de la justice et du développement (PJD)
LeaderAbdelillah Benkirane
General SecretarSaadeddine Othmani
FoondeeAbdelkrim al-Khatib
Foondit1967; 53 years ago (1967)
Split fraePopular Muivement
Heidquarters4, rue El Yefrani Cité les Orangers, Rabat
IdeologyConservative democracy[1][2][3][4]
Moroccan naitionalism[3]
Economic leeberalism
Islamic democracy
Poleetical poseetionCentre-richt
Colours     Blue      Orange
Hoose o Representatives
125 / 395
Hoose o Cooncillors
12 / 120

The Juistice an Development Pairty, JDP (Arabic: حزب العدالة والتنمية‎; Berber: Akabar en Tnezzarfut ed Tneflit, KNN; French: Parti de la justice et du développement, PJD) is the pairty that haes led the executive brainch o the govrenment o Morocco syne 29 November 2011. The JDP (or PJD) advocates Islamism an Islamic democracy.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

PJD wis foondit bi Abdelkrim al-Khatib, ane of the foonders of the Popular Muivement pairty, frae which he wis expelled in the mid-1960s, unner the name of MPDC (French: Mouvement populaire démocratique et constitutionnel, the "Popular Democratic an Consteetutional Muivement").[5] The pairty wis an empty shell for mony years, until various memmers of a clandestine association Chabiba islamia, who later formed the MUR (French: Mouvement unité et réforme, the "Unity and Reform Muivement") jyned the pairty, wi the authorisation an encouragement of umwhile Interior Meenister Driss Basri. It later chynged its name tae current PJD in 1998.

The party won eicht seats in the parliamentar election in 1997.[6] In the pairliamentar election held on 27 September 2002, the pairty won 42 oot of 325 seats,[6] winning maist of the destricts where it fieldit candidates. Its secretar-general syne 2004 wis Saadeddine Othmani, MP representing Mohammedia. In the pairliamentar election held on 7 September 2007, the PJD won 43 oot of 325 seats,[7] behind the Istiqlal Pairty, which won 52. This wis contrary tae expectations that the PJD waud win the maist seats.[8] Houaniver, the pairty haed limitit nummer o candidates in the election.[7]

Abdelilah Benkirane wis electit leader of the PJD in Julie 2008, taking ower frae Saadeddine Othmani.[9] Haeving won a plurality of seats (107 seats) in the November 2011 pairliamentar election,[10][11] the pairty formed a coaleetion with three pairties that haed been pairt of previous govrenments, and Abdelilah Benkirane wis appointit Prime Meenister of Morocco on 29 November 2011.[12][13]

His new govrenment haes targetit average economic growth of 5.5 percent a year during its fower-year mandate, and tae reduce the jobless rate tae 8 percent bi the end of 2016 from 9.1 percent at the stairt of 2012.[13] Benkirane's govrenment haes awso actively pursued Morocco’s ties wi the European Union, its chief trade pairtner, as weel as becoming increasingly engagit wi the sax-memmer Gulf Co-operation Cooncil.

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