Juin 2017 Lunnon attack

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Coordinates: 51°30′29″N 0°05′16″W / 51.50806°N 0.08778°W / 51.50806; -0.08778

Juin 2017 Lunnon attacks
Pairt o Terrorism in the Unitit Kinrick
London Bridge - December 2015.JPG
London Bridge in 2015
Juin 2017 Lunnon attack is locatit in Lunnon & Wastmeenster
London Bridge
London Bridge
Borough Market
Borough Market
Juin 2017 Lunnon attack (Lunnon & Wastmeenster)
Juin 2017 Lunnon attack is locatit in Greater Lunnon
Juin 2017 Lunnon attack
Borough Market
Borough Market
Juin 2017 Lunnon attack (Greater Lunnon)
LocationLondon Bridge
Borough Market
Date3 Juin 2017 (2017-06-03)
22:08-23:46[1] (BST)
Attack teep
Vehicle-rammin attack, stobbin, terrorism[2]
WappensRenault Master Van, knifes
Daiths11 (8 victims, 3 attackers)
Non-fatal injures
AssailantsKhuram Shazad Butt[3]
Rachid Redouane[4]
Youssef Zaghba[5]
MotiveIslamic extremism[6]

On 3 Juin 2017, stairtin at 21:58 BST (UTC+1), three fowk cairied out a terrorist attack in twa locations in Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick. A driver o a white van rammed pedestrians on London Bridge an cam tae a haut sooth o the brig. Three men left the van an ran tae Borough Market, whaur stobbin attacks teuk place in restaurants. Ane witness reportit that the attackers shootit "This is for Allah" an stobbed customers wi knifes.[7][8][9]

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