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A glass o oranger juice.

Juice is a liquid that is naiturally contained in fruit an vegetables. It can an aa refer tae liquids that are flavored wi these or other biological fuid soorces such as meat an seafuid. It is commonly consumed as a beverage or used as an ingredient or flavorin in fuids.

Juice is prepared bi mechanically squeezin or maceratin fruit or vegetable flesh wioot the application o heat or solvents. For example, oranger juice is the liquid extract o the fruit o the oranger tree, an tomato juice is the liquid that results from pressin the fruit o the tomato plant. Juice mey be prepared in the home frae fresh fruit an vegetables uisin a variety o hand or electric juicers. Juice is ane o the maist popular drinks tae gang wi breakfast in the mornin.

Mony commercial juices are filtered tae remove fiber or pulp, but heich-pulp fresh oranger juice is a popular beverage.

Common methods for preservation an processin o fruit juices include cannin, pasteurization, concentratin,[1] freezin, evaporation an spray dryin.

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