Judo at the 2008 Simmer Olympics – Weemen's 48 kg

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Weemen's 48 kg
at the Gemmes o the XXIX Olympiad
Venue Beijing Naitional Stadium
Dates 9 August
Winnin score 1100
1 Alina Dumitru  Romanie
2 Yanet Bermoy  Cuba
3 Paula Pareto  Argentinae
3 Ryoko Tani  Japan
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The weemen's 48 kg judo competeetion at the 2008 Simmer Olympics wis held on August 9 at the Beijing Science an Technology Varsity Gymnasium. Preliminary roonds stairtit at 12:00 pm CST. Repechage finals, semifinals, bouts for bronze medals, an the final wur held at 6:00 pm CST.

This event wis the lichtest o the weemen's judo weicht classes, leemitin competitors tae a maximum o 48 kilograms o body mass. Lik aw ether judo events, bouts lastit five minutes. If the bout wis still tied at the end, it wis extendit for anether five minute, suddent-daith period; if neither judoka scored durin that period, the match is decidit bi the judges. The tournament bracket consisted o a single-elimination contest culminatin in a gowd medal match. Thare wis an aa a repechage tae determine the winners o the twa bronze medals. Each judoka who haed lost tae a semifinalist competit in the repechage. The twa judokas who lost in the semifinals faced the winner o the opposite hauf o the bracket's repechage in bronze medal bouts.

Tournament results[eedit | eedit soorce]

Final[eedit | eedit soorce]

1  Alina Alexandra Dumitru (ROU) 1100
2  Yanet Bermoy (CUB) 0000

Mat 1[eedit | eedit soorce]

  First Roond Roond o 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
           Wu Shugen (CHN) 0000  
  Ryoko Tani (JPN) 0020       Ryoko Tani (JPN) 0100  
  Sayaka Matsumoto (USA) 0000         Ryoko Tani (JPN) 0001  
             Paula Pareto (ARG) 0000  
           Paula Pareto (ARG) 1000  
           Tiffany Day (AUS) 0000  
             Ryoko Tani (JPN) 0010
  Lyudmyla Lusnikova (UKR) 0221         Alina Alexandra Dumitru (ROU) 0100
  Chahnez M'barki (TUN) 0000       Lyudmyla Lusnikova (UKR) 0000  
           Kim Young-Ran (KOR) 0100  
             Kim Young-Ran (KOR) 0000  
  Eva Csernoviczki (HUN) 1000         Alina Alexandra Dumitru (ROU) 1000  
  Sarah Menezes (BRA) 0000       Eva Csernoviczki (HUN) 0010       
           Alina Alexandra Dumitru (ROU) 0101       

Mat 2[eedit | eedit soorce]

  First Roond Roond o 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals
  Devi Khumujam Tomb (IND) 0000  
  Ana Hormigo (POR) 1011       Ana Hormigo (POR) 0000  
           Pak Ok-Song (PRK) 0100  
             Pak Ok-Song (PRK) 0011  
             Kelbet Nurgazina (KAZ) 0001  
           Hanatou Ouelgo (BUR) 0000  
  Frédérique Jossinet (FRA) 0000       Kelbet Nurgazina (KAZ) 1001  
  Kelbet Nurgazina (KAZ) 1000         Pak Ok-Song (PRK) 0000
             Yanet Bermoy (CUB) 1021
           Michaela Baschin (GER) 0101  
  Meriem Moussa (ALG) 0011       Meriem Moussa (ALG) 0000  
  Sandrine Ilendou (GAB) 0000         Michaela Baschin (GER) 0000  
             Yanet Bermoy (CUB) 0001  
           Lyudmila Bogdanova (RUS) 0001       
  Yanet Bermoy (CUB) 1010       Yanet Bermoy (CUB) 0010       
  Glenda Miranda (ECU) 0000  

Repechage[eedit | eedit soorce]

Those judoka eliminated in earlier roinds bi the fower semifinalists o the main bracket advanced tae the repechage. Thir matches determined the twa bronze medallists for the event.

First roond   Quarterfinals   Semifinals   Bronze medal finals
      Wu Shugen (CHN) 0001         Pak Ok-Song (PRK) 0001
  Sayaka Matsumoto (USA) 0000       Paula Pareto (ARG) 0100           Paula Pareto (ARG) 0100
  Wu Shugen (CHN) 1000         Paula Pareto (ARG) 0110
      Eva Csernoviczki (HUN) 0001  
      Kim Young-Ran (KOR) 0000
  Eva Csernoviczki (HUN)         Eva Csernoviczki (HUN) 0001  
      Ana Hormigo (POR) 0002         Ryoko Tani (JPN) 1000
  Ana Hormigo (POR)         Kelbet Nurgazina (KAZ) 0001           Lyudmila Bogdanova (RUS) 0000
 bye           Ana Hormigo (POR) 0001
      Lyudmila Bogdanova (RUS) 0100  
      Lyudmila Bogdanova (RUS) 0001
  Lyudmila Bogdanova (RUS) 1000       Michaela Baschin (GER) 0000  
  Glenda Miranda (ECU) 0000  

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