Judah (son o Jacob)

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This airticle is aboot the son o Jacob. For the tribe, see Tribe o Judah. For the kinrick, see Kinrick o Judah.
The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 259. Judah. Genesis cap 49 vv 9-12. De Geyn.jpg
An eemage o Judah feae the Phillip Medhurst Collection o Bible Illustration
Native nameיְהוּדָה
Born1566 BCE (15 Sivan, AM 2195)
Paddan Aram
Died1448, 1447, 1438 or 1437 (AM 2314 or AM 2324)
Restin place
meybe in Yehud, Israel
32°01′51″N 34°53′15″E / 32.030797°N 34.887616°E / 32.030797; 34.887616Coordinates: 32°01′51″N 34°53′15″E / 32.030797°N 34.887616°E / 32.030797; 34.887616
ChilderEr (son)

Onan (son)
Shelah (son)
Perez (son)
Zerah (son)

RelativesReuben (brither)

Simeon (brither)
Levi (brither)
Issachar (brither)
Zebulun (brither)
Dan (hauf brither)
Naphtali (hauf brither)
Gad (hauf brither)
Asher (hauf brither)
Joseph (hauf brither)
Benjamin (hauf brither)
Dinah (sister)
Rebecca (grandmither)
Isaac (grandfaither)
Esau (uncle)
Rachel (aunt/stepmither)
Laban (grandfaither)
Abraham (great-grandfaither)

Sarah (great-grandmither)

Judah (Ebreu: יְהוּדָה‬, Staundart Yəhuda Tiberian Yehuḏā) wis, accordin tae the Beuk o Genesis, the fowert son o Jacob an Leah, the foonder o the Israelite Tribe o Judah.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

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