Jozef Tiso

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Jozef Tiso
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2010-0049, Josef Tiso.jpg
Preses o the First Slovak Republic
In office
26 October 1939 – 3 Aprile 1945
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biOffice abolished
Prime Meenister an Meenister o Interior o the Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
20 Januar 1939 – 9 Mairch 1939
Precedit biJozef Tiso
Succeedit biJozef Sivák
Prime Meenister an Meenister o Interior, Social Care an Heal o the Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
1 December 1938 – 20 Januar 1939
Precedit biJozef Tiso
Succeedit biJozef Tiso
Prime Meenister an the Meenister o Interior o Autonomous Slovak Region
In office
7 October 1938 – 1 December 1938
Precedit biOffice creatit
Succeedit biJozef Tiso
Meenister o Heal an Pheesical Eddication o Czechoslovakie
In office
27 Januar 1927 – 8 October 1929
Precedit biJan Šrámek
Succeedit biJan Šrámek
Personal details
Born13 October 1887(1887-10-13)
Bytča (Nagybiccse)
Trenčín Coonty, Kinrick o Hungary, Austrick-Hungary
Dee'd18 Apryle 1947(1947-04-18) (aged 59)
Bratislava, Czechoslovakie
Poleetical pairtySlovak Fowk's Pairty
ProfessionPoliteecian, Cleric, Roman Catholic priest
ReligionRoman Catholicism

Jozef Tiso (13 October 1887 – 18 Aprile 1947) wis a Slovak Roman Catholic priest, an a leadin politeecian o the Slovak Fowk's Pairty. Atween 1939 an 1945, Tiso wis the heid o the 1939–45 First Slovak Republic, a satellite state o Nazi Germany an he wis tae remain an active priest throuoot his poleetical career.[1] Efter the end o Warld War II, Tiso wis convictit an hanged for traison that subsumed an aa war crimes an crimes against humanity bi the Naitional Coort in Bratislava.

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