Josephine o Leuchtenberg

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Josephine o Leuchtenberg
Portrait bi Axel Nordgren.
Queen consort o Swaden an Norawa
Tenur8 Mairch 1844 – 8 Julie 1859
Born14 Mairch 1807(1807-03-14)
Milan, Napoleonic Kinrick o Italy
Dee'd7 Juin 1876(1876-06-07) (aged 69)
Stockholm, Sweden
BuirialRiddarholmen Kirk
SpouseOscar I o Swaden (m. 1823; d. 1859)
IssueCharles XV o Swaden
Prince Gustaf, Duke o Uppland
Oscar II o Swaden
Princess Eugenie
Prince August, Duke o Dalarna
Full name
Joséphine Maximiliane Eugénie Napoléonne de Beauharnais
FaitherEugène de Beauharnais
MitherPrincess Auguste o Bavarie
ReleegionRoman Catholic

Josephine o Leuchtenberg or Joséphine de Beauharnais (Joséphine Maximilienne Eugénie Napoléone; 14 Mairch 1807 – 7 Juin 1876) wis Queen o Swaden an Norawa as the wife o King Oscar I, as well as Princess o Bologna frae birth an Duchess o Galliera frae 1813. She wis kent as Queen Josefina, an wis regarded tae be politically active during the ring o her spouse. She acted as his poleetical adviser an actively participated in state affairs. She wis parteecularly active within the laws o religion in Sweden an Norway, an is attributit tae hae introduced mair liberal laws regarding religion.