Joseph o Arimathea

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Saunt Joseph o Arimathea
Descent AgiaMarina.jpg
14t century Byzantine Icon o the Descent frae the Cross frae the Kirk o Saunt Marina in Kalopanagiotis, Cyprus. Saunt Joseph o Arimathea is the feegur staundin in the centre, in blue-green robes hauldin the Bouk o Christ.
Saicret Disciple o Jesus
Veneratit inRoman Catholic Kirk, Eastren Orthodox Kirk, Oriental Orthodox Kirk, Anglican Communion, Lutheranism
Major shrineSiriac orthodox Chaipel o Haly Sepulchre
FeastMairch 17 in the Wast, Julie 31 in the East, August 1 in the Episcopal Kirk (US)
Patronagefuneral directors[1]

Joseph o Arimathea wis, accordin tae aw fower canonical gospels, the man that assumed responsibility for the buirial o Jesus efter his crucifixion.

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