Joseph Haydn

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Portrait o Joseph Haydn bi Thomas Hardy (1791)[1]

(Franz) Joseph Haydn[n 1] (/ˈzəf ˈhdən/; German: [ˈjoːzɛf ˈhaɪdən] ( listen); 31 Mairch[n 2] 1732 – 31 Mey 1809) wis an Austrick componer o the Clessical period. He wis instrumental in the development o chamber muisic sic as the piano trio[2] an his contreibutions tae muisical form hae earned him the epithets "Faither o the Symphony" an "Faither o the String Quartet".[3]

Haydn spent much o his career as a coort muisicker for the wealthy Esterházy faimily at thair remote estate. Till the later pairt o his life, this isolatit him frae ither componers an trends in muisic sae that he wis, as he put it, "forced tae acome oreeginal".[n 3] Yet his muisic circulatit widely an for much o his career he wis the maist celebratit componer in Europe.

He wis a friend an mentor o Mozart, a teacher o Beethoven, an the aulder brither o componer Michael Haydn.

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. See Haydn's name. "Franz" wisna uised during Haydn's lifetime an is avoidit bi scholars the day ("Haydn, Joseph" bi James Webster in Grove Music Online, accessed 18 Januar 2007).
  2. The date is uncertain. Haydn tauld ithers he wis born on this day (Geiringer (1982, 9); Jones (1810, 8)), but some o his faimily members reportit 1 Aprile instead (Geiringer). The difficulty arises frae the fact that in Haydn's day offeecial records recordit nae the birth date but the date o baptism, which, in Haydn's case, wis 1 Aprile (Wyn Jones 2009, p. 2–3).
  3. Haydn made the remerk tae his friend an biografer Georg August Griesinger; citit frae Inglis version bi Vernon Gotwals (Griesinger 1963:17).

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