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Joseph Black
Joseph Black b1728.jpg
Born 16 Aprile 1728
Bordeaux, Fraunce
Died 6 December 1799
Edinburgh, Scotland
Naitionality Scots
Alma mater Varsity o Glesga, Varsity o Edinburgh
Kent for Latent heat, speceefic heat, an the discovery o carbon dioxide
Scientific career
Fields Medicine, pheesics, an chemistry
Academic advisors William Cullen
Notable students James Edward Smith
Influenced James Watt, Benjamin Rush[1]

Joseph Black FRSE FRCPE FPSG (16 Aprile 1728 – 6 December 1799[2]) wis a Scots pheesician an chemist, kent for his discoveries o magnesium, latent heat, specific heat, an carbon dioxide.

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