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José de Murga y Reolid, 1st Marquis o Linares

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José de Murga y Reolid
Marquis o Linares
1888 portrait o the Marquis o Linares bi Francisco Pradilla.
Full name
José Antonio Benigno de Murga y Reolid Michelena y Gómez
Born13 Februar 1833
Madrid, Spain
Dee'd9 Aprile 1902 (aged 69)
Pailace o Linares, Madrid
BuiriedHospital de San José y San Raimundo de Linares, Linares, Jaén
Spoose(s)Raimunda de Osorio y Ortega
nae issue
FaitherMateo de Murga y Michelena
MitherMargarita Reolid y Gómez

José de Murga y Reolid, 1st Marquis o Linares (13 Februar 1833 - 9 Aprile 1902) wis the Marquis o Linares an 1st Viscoont Llanteno, He wis creatit the 1st Marquis o Linares on 11 Februar 1873 bi Keeng Amadeo I o Spain. He also commisioned the Pailace o Linares as his personal residence in Madrid, the pailace is still there today.


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In Juin 1858, José mairit Raimunda de Osorio y Ortega, dochter o Benita Ortega y Arregui bi an unknown faither. They haed nae issue.

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