José Martí

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This name uises Spaingie namin customs; the first or paternal faimily name is Martí an the seicont or maternal faimily name is Pérez.
José Martí
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BornJosé Julián Martí Pérez
January 28, 1853
Havana, Spaingie Cuba
Dee'd19 Mey 1895(1895-05-19) (aged 42)
Dos Ríos, Spaingie Cuba
Thriftpoet, writer, naitionalist leader
Leeterar muivementModernismo
SpooseCarmen Zayas Bazan
BairnsJosé Francisco "Pepito" Martí
RelativesMariano Martí Navarro an Leonor Pérez Cabrera (Parents), 7 sisters (Leonor, Mariana, María de Carmen, María de Pilar, Rita Amelia, Antonia an Dolores)

José Julián Martí Pérez (Januar 28, 1853 – Mey 19, 1895) was a Cuban naitional hero an an important figur in Latin American leeteratur. In his short life, he wis a poet, an essayist, a jurnalist, a revolutionary filosofer, a translator, a professor, a publisher, a Freemason, a poleetical theorist, an supporter o Henry George's economic reforms kent as Georgism.[1][2] Throu his writins an poleetical activity, he acame a seembol for Cuba's bid for unthirldom against Spain in the 19t century, an is referred tae as the "Apostle o Cuban Unthirldom."[3] He also wrote about the threat o Spaingie an US expansionism intae Cuba. Frae adolescence, he dedicatit his life tae the promotion o liberty, poleetical unthirldom for Cuba, an intellectual unthirldom for aw Spaingie Americans; his daith wis uised as a cry for Cuban unthirldom frae Spain bi baith the Cuban revolutionaries an thae Cubans previously reluctant tae stairt a revolt.

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