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The Mediterranean area c. 550 AD as Jordanes wrote his Getica. The Eastren Roman Empire, caipital Constantinople, is shawn in pink. Conquests o Justinian I shawn in green.

Jordanes, an aw written Jordanis or, uncommonly, Jornandes,[1] wis a 6t-century Eastren Roman bureaucrat o Gothic extraction[2] that turned his haund tae history later in life.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

  1. Accordin tae Schanz-Hosius (Geschichte der Römischen Literatur, 4, vol. 2 (1920), pp. 115, 118) the best MSS o his wark present his name as Jordanes, as daes the 'Geographus Ravennas'. Jordanis is a 'vulgar' form that is an aw uised, while Jornandes anerly appears in lesser MSS. The form Jornandes, houiver, wis eften uised in aulder publications.
  2. "If Jordanes was a bishop (as is frequently assumed) and if he lived in Italy (also frequently assumed), those elements of his background have left no trace in his two histories" (Brian Croke (1987), "Cassiodorus and the Getica of Jordanes", Classical Philology, 82: 119 (117–134)., doi:10.1086/367034