Johnston Atoll

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Johnston Atoll
Kalama Atoll
Unitit States Minor Ootlyin Islands
Banner o Johnston Atoll
Offeecial logo o Johnston Atoll
Unoffeecial Flag
Anthem: "The Star-Spangled Banner"
Map o Johnston Atoll
Map o Johnston Atoll
Johnston Atoll is locatit in North Paceefic
Johnston Atoll
Johnston Atoll
Location in the North Paceefic Ocean
Coordinates: 16°44′13″N 169°31′26″W / 16.73694°N 169.52389°W / 16.73694; -169.52389Coordinates: 16°44′13″N 169°31′26″W / 16.73694°N 169.52389°W / 16.73694; -169.52389
Kintra Unitit States
Status unorganised, unincorporatit territory
Claimed bi U.S. Mairch 19, 1858
Named for Captain Charles J. Johnston, HMS Cornwallis
 • Teep admeenistert as a National Wildlife Refuge
 • Bouk United States Fish and Wildlife Service
 • Superintendent Laura Beauregard, Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument
 • Total 1.03 sq mi (2.67 km2)
 • EEZ 157,389 sq mi (407,635 km2)
Heichest elevation (Sand Island) 30 ft (10 m)
Lawest elevation (Paceefic Ocean) 0 ft (0 m)
Time zone Hawaii–Aleutian Time Zone (UTC-10)
Geocode 127
ISO 3166 code UM
Currency US dollar (USD)

Johnston Atoll, an aa kent as Kalama Atoll tae Native Hawaiians, is an unincorporatit territory o the Unitit States currently admeenistert bi the Unitit States Fish an Wildlife Service. Public entry is anerly bi special-uise permit frae the U.S. Fish an Wildlife Service.